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Assisted Living Buses – Transportation Solutions for Health Care and Retirement Facilities

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When it to comes to providing transportation solutions – such as assisted living buses – for long-term care residents, healthcare facilities, adult day care, or senior centers there’s only one transportation solutions provider you can count on to deliver an assisted living bus that meets the needs of both passengers and owners, A-Z Bus Sales. For over 40-years, A-Z Bus Sales has provided transportation solutions to thousands of customers across different industries and markets. We are a transportation solutions provider driven by Core Values and the passion and dedication of our employee-owners.

A-Z Bus Sales offers several types of buses to fit your budget, riders needs, and service needs. Additionally, we offer a variety of shuttle bus configurations to meet your demanding business needs: assisted living, nursing home, non-medical emergency transportation services, retirement community, and any other facility that helps transport patience or residence to and from their facility. Aside from ambulatory only type shuttle buses, we also offer lift buses that operate in scenarios where time constraints are not strict to low floor entry buses where loading assisted living passengers in a timely fashion is desired, A-Z Bus Sales can offer you the right solution. What’s more, we just don’t end our relationship with the sale. We provide a thorough and positive customer experience from pre-sale to post sale service and maintenance. We are your transportation partner.

If you’re looking for either a new or used shuttle bus, start your journey with A-Z Bus Sales for that piece of mind you and your riders deserve. Call us today or complete the information request form on this page. We’re happy to answer your questions.

Low Floor vs. Lift Shuttle Bus

This video, produced by ARBOC Specialty Vehicles, demonstrates the time difference between loading passengers on an ARBOC low floor bus and a standard lift bus. It is clear from the video that loading times are much quicker on a low floor bus. A-Z Bus Sales offers both types of shuttle buses depending in your transportation requirements and budget.

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Low Floor Ramp Vans

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