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OUR PURPOSE: As employee-owners, we provide safe and reliable transportation solutions that exceed customer expectations. A-Z Bus Sales, Inc. is a transportation dealer-distributor serving the education, government, public sector, commercial and private fleet markets with a broad portfolio of bus. The employee-owned company specializes in green alternative fuel products. A-Z provides sales, service, parts, and financing for both new and pre-owned buses and vans. Founded in 1976, A-Z Bus Sales has built a reputation for outstanding customer service, long-lasting customer relationships, professionalism and integrity. Headquartered in Colton, California the company has multiple sales and service locations serving California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii. "The A-Z Bus Sales Service Team is committed to providing customers with quality, quick service with minimal downtime."

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2017 Specialty Vehicles Trolley Style Bus – 17C244

ARBOC Spirit of America Low Floor Trolley from Specialty Vehicles

Specialty Vehicles Low Floor ARBOC Spirit of America Trolley style bus makes for transportation for universities, colleges, cities, or special venues like amusement parks and shopping malls.

Built on the low floor Freightliner XBA chassis, the Trolley is truly accessible for all passengers, making the trolley ideal for a variety of applications from transporting college students to and from their off-campus housing, to municipalities looking to attract increased ridership.


School Bus Grant Funding Information

Alternative Fuel Grant Funding Information for California School Buses
California HVIP and Low NOx Engine Incentives for School Buses Blue Bird Adomani Type D Electric School Bus A-Z Bus SalesCalifornia faces ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and short-lived climate pollutant emissions, improve air quality and reduce toxic risk, deploy zero-emission vehicles, and reduce petroleum dependency. To meet California's GHG goals, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is using incentives to accelerate development and early commercial deployment of the cleanest mobile source technologies and to improve access to clean transportation. HVIP and Low NOx Engine Incentives are designed to encourage and accelerate the deployment of zero-emission (electric) school buses that meet the optional low NOx standard, and hybrid buses in California. HVIP provides vouchers of up to $95,000 for California purchases of zero-emission school buses. Additionally, HVIP provides increased incentives, up to $110,000, for zero-emission school buses for fleets locate [...]

The Glaval Commute shuttle bus is a great bus for businesses needing to transport small groups of people around town.

The shuttle bus is great for areas with shorter parking areas. Its compact length allows for easy maneuverability. This narrow-body, durable steel-framed shuttle bus is also comfortable to ride in, giving your passengers a pleasant experience on their commute.

Pre-Owned California School Bus Inventory

We Buy Buses Too! Ask Us For Details
Pre-Owned California School Bus Inventory

Warranty Information

New School, Commercial, and Transit Bus Warranty Information
Welcome to the A-Z Bus Sales Family Your Transportation Solutions Partner Thank you for your bus purchase. At A-Z Bus Sales, we are committed to providing our valued customers, like yourself, with the same quality of services after the sale as we provided you during the buying process. We like to view our relationship as a partnership for as long as you own your bus. That is why we developed this post sales booklet to help provide you with quick information about who and what to do should you need assistance with your bus. If you do not find what you are looking for in this information booklet, please do not hesitate to call our main line at 800-437-5522 or your sales representative. We are happy to be of service. New Delivery Expectations At the time of your new bus delivery, or shortly after, the A-Z Bus Sales representative you have been working with will provide you with an orientation on the specifics of your new vehicle. He or she will also be available to answer any additional questions you may have about the vehicle. An operator’s manual for your vehicle as well as manuals for add-on components and warranty statement will be provided to you at the time of your vehicle delivery. These manuals and warranty statement [...]
Image of parts and service employees at A-Z Bus Sales discussing Child Safety Alert System on a school bus

If you are like most school districts in California, you are probably trying to make sense of the new Child Safety Alert System (CSAS) laws as a result of the Senate Bill 1072 (link). You are not alone. A-Z Bus Sales is leading California in their effort to reduce anxiety and answer questions about the new Child Safety Alert System laws that require all California school buses to be equipped with the latest system by the start of the 2018/2019 school year.

A-Z Bus sales is doing their part to help educate school districts about the regulations, how it affects their school bus fleets, and installation procedures. Hosting a Q & A session for local California School Districts, the A-Z Bus Sales service and parts team were on hand on Tuesday, February 7th at the A-Z Bus Sales Colton, California service center location to demonstrate the installed Child Check-Mate system on an All American Blue [...]

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