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A-Z Bus Sales has the largest inventory of used school buses in California. This means we have school buses for practically every type of customer, including the school bus home conversion enthusiast, or skoolies as they like to call themselves. What’s even better is that our used school buses are priced right for the school bus home conversion market. We are talking cheap school buses; priced at $8,000 or less. We have a selection of Type D transit style school buses – these are the larger buses like the highly sought after Crown bus – conventional school buses, and a whole lot of short buses or Type A school buses suitable for tiny home living.

The school bus conversion movement is gaining ground with converted school buses showing up on shows featuring compact or tiny homes. The skoolie, or home conversion enthusiast, is a unique individual looking to live free and travel the country with an affordable solution. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve seen our share of converted school buses that carried a hefty price tag. However, most skoolies prefer the DIY (do it yourself) approach to school bus conversions.

While we can sell you a quality used school bus for your home conversion project, we are not in the business of converting school buses. However, if you call our Pre-Owned school bus department, they can help you get started-off on the right foot, or should we say, right wheel.

So, if you’re looking for a great, cheap (affordable), used school bus for your home conversion project, you’re in the right place. Start with A-Z Bus Sales on your journey to the open road, freedom, and sustainable tiny living.

Converted School Buses. Images Courtesy of Charles Kern

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Skoolie Bus Conversion Videos to Inspire You

Resources for Your School Bus Conversion Project

We’ve compiled a starter list to help you get going on your journey to a school bus conversion once you have purchased a used school bus from A-Z Bus Sales.

Begin with some general basics and a definition of a skoolie: Wikipedia

Need a school bus conversion expert? Try Charles Kern: Look At That Bus

Here’s a guide to helping you convert your school bus: Beginners Guide to Converting a School Bus

Participate and learn from other skoolie enthusiasts: Skoolie Forum

Inspiration for your school bus home conversion project: Pinterest Skoolie School Bus RV Conversion Page

Need floor plan ideas? Try this site: School Bus RV Conversion Floor Plans

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