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Heat Stress Kits

What You Need To Know about Heat Stress Related Injuries

The summer months are here in the west. Temperatures are on the rise, often reaching the century mark for several days at a time. If you are required to work in the heat as school and commercial bus drivers, or bus mechanics, then chances are, if proper care is not taken, you could end up suffering from a heat related injury.

There is lots of research on the subject of heat related deaths. Both private and government research has proven that once a persons skin temperature reaches between 90-95 degrees mental fatigue and physical exhaustion began to occur. In another study conducted by NASA, when temperatures rise to 95-degress for an extended period of times (often a few days), people tend to make an average of 60 mistakes per hour without even knowing it. At this temperature, the half a persons blood moves toward the skin in an attempt to cool it by creating perspiration. The heat rates increases to 150 beats per minute with less volume to get the blood to the skin. What happens next is that cognitive thinking breaks down, leading to possible anger and physical confrontation.

The best approach to avoiding heat related injuries is planning and hydrating your body with water. There are other options that can help prevent heat stress when time is critical. The iXL Elite Hydration stick is one option. This provides fast hydration, helping keep the body cool and worker hydrated. A-Z Bus Sales recommends that every bus in your fleet is equipped with a Heat Stress Responder kit to help avoid heat related injury and hydrate your employees faster.

Heat Stress Responder Kit

The Heat Stress Responder Kit is ideal for anyone, like bus drivers and mechanics, working in the heat. It is essential for fast treatment of someone suffering from a heat related illness.

Part #K613-040-18PR
Sold in Case Qty of 10

Heat Stress Kit for School and Commercial Bus Drivers


  • (4) Cold Packs
  • (1) Rescue Blanket
  • (4) Sqwincher Qwik Stik
  • (1) Forehead Thermometer
  • (1) Certi-Lyte Tablets – Electrolyte
  • (2) Certi-Tape – Spool

What to do:

  • Place one cold pack under each arm and two in the groin
  • Use the tape to secure the cold packs in place
  • Wrap the victim in the rescue blanket to treat symptoms of shock
  • Mix the iXL powder in cool water and give the victim a little at a time

iXL Hydration Sticks

It is important to recognize and to treat the heat related illness to prevent heat stroke from developing.

Part #K613-040-18PR
Sold in Case Qty of 10

iXL Elite Hydration from A-Z Bus Sales

Heat prevention and iXL:

  • Drink water every 15 minutes even if you don’t feel thirsty
  • Look out for each other
  • Rest in the shade for at least 5 minutes or as needed to cool down
  • Your Heat Stress Responder kit is an essential tool for fast treatmentAbout iXL: of heat related illness.
  • Place one cold pack under each arm and two in the groin
  • Use the tape to secure the cold packs in place
  • Wrap the victim in the rescue blanket to treat symptoms of shock

About iXL

  • iXL® the most advanced hydration beverage on the market.
  • Mix the iXL powder with cool water and give the victim a ittle at a time (do not give any liquids if the person is vomiting, or unconscious)
  • ZERO Sodium• ZERO Sodium
  • 400 mg Potassium
  • Zero Caffeine
  • 45 Calories per serving
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Promotes Peak Performance
  • Designed to deliver optimal hydration
  • FAST! Hydration
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