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Thank you for your bus purchase. At A-Z Bus Sales, we are committed to providing our valued customers, like yourself, with the same quality of services after the sale as we provided you during the buying process. We like to view our relationship as a partnership for as long as you own your bus. That is why we developed this post sales booklet to help provide you with quick information about who and what to do should you need assistance with your bus. If you do not find what you are looking for in this information booklet, please do not hesitate to call our main line at 800-437-5522 or your sales representative. We are happy to be of service.

New Delivery Expectations

At the time of your new bus delivery, or shortly after, the A-Z Bus Sales representative you have been working with will provide you with an orientation on the specifics of your new vehicle. He or she will also be available to answer any additional questions you may have about the vehicle.

An operator’s manual for your vehicle as well as manuals for add-on components and warranty statement will be provided to you at the time of your vehicle delivery. These manuals and warranty statement are provided by the manufacturers. The purpose of owner’s manuals is to provide information about the general operation of your new vehicle. Some vehicle manufacturers may also include a detailed maintenance manual either on paper or on CD/DVD. Following the maintenance procedure manual will ensure that you are able to keep your warranty policy in effect. Please contact A-Z Bus Sales representative if manuals were not provided to you.

You will also be provided with warranty statement for most components at the time of delivery.

If you desire other manuals, such as repair or troubleshooting manual(s) for the engine, transmission or chassis, they can be purchased through our parts department.

A-Z Bus Sales Warranty and Bus Service Repair in California and Hawaii

Post Delivery Questions

  • What are the procedures if I have issues or questions with my new bus?

    We at A-Z Bus Sales, Inc. are eager to ensure your continued satisfaction with your new bus. If you encounter an issue with your new bus or have questions, please contact one our service departments below. Our service advisors will assess the situation and either provide you with options to get your vehicle repaired or direct you to the proper department.
  • What kind of maintenance procedures do I need to follow as soon as the bus is delivered to my facility?

    After the bus has been delivered, you will want to check the vehicle and equipment on the bus against the specifications of the quote that you received during the purchase process. You will also want to perform a routine check of items such as fluid levels, brake adjustments, and proper air pressure to ensure that all operating and safety systems are functioning properly. Although A-Z Bus Sales, Inc. has performed a pre-delivery inspection and has thoroughly checked these items, your mechanic will need to perform the vehicle’s first 45-day inspection in order to get your records started and prepare the bus for the initial CHP motor carrier inspection and certification.

Warranty Q&A’s

The following section is to provide you with information in regards to your vehicle’s warranty. You may also call our service department if you have other questions.

  • When does my warranty go into effect?

    Your warranty goes into effect at the mileage and date the bus is delivered or registered with the DMV, whichever comes first.
  • What is the warranty indented to do?

    The warranty policy that comes with your new vehicle is intended to cover reasonable costs of making repairs to your vehicle for parts that fail within the designated warranty period. Having the cost of a repair covered under the warranty policy requires that you have followed all the maintenance procedures outlined in the operator’s manual and maintenance manuals. The warranty policy does not cover routine maintenance. It also does not cover repairs for parts that fail outside the designated warranty period. If you have any questions, please call our warranty administrator.
  • What should I do when I need warranty repair?

    If you encounter a problem with your vehicle, please contact one of our service departments. Depending on the type of issue, our service advisor will discuss with you the best solution to get your vehicle back into operation. We may:

    1. Work with you to have the vehicle repaired at one of our authorized warranty repair stations.
    2. Schedule one of our on-road technicians to repair the vehicle at your facility.
    3. Schedule to have your vehicle brought to one of our A-Z Bus Sales service centers for repair.
    4. Authorize you to perform the work, and reimburse you for labor. Parts will be shipped to you at no cost.

  • What process do I follow to do my own warranty repair?

    You must have prior authorization before starting any warranty repair on your vehicle. Before starting work, please contact our Customer Support Representative (CSR) at 951-781-1857. When you call, please have the following information available so we may expedite the process.

    • Body number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Mileage from bus
    • Engine hours (If available)
    • Repair facility address and name
    • Customer name and address
    • A detailed description of the problem and the repair
    • Labor hours (once approved) and labor rate per hour
    • Photos are required where possible

Customer Warranty Repair Process

  1. After we have obtained the required info, our CSR will discuss with you the specifics of the warranty repair including the standard labor time (SRT) and repair procedures. If available, warranty instructions may also be provided to you. We will also discuss how much labor dollars may be reimbursed for the repair. Labor reimbursement allowance typically depends on your shop rate and SRT time.
  2. We will provide you with authorization information to start warranty work. We will also have the necessary parts delivered to you at no cost.
  3. After parts have been shipped, please start your warranty repair within 25 days.
  4. If you run into an unexpected circumstance during your warranty repair, call our CSR immediately to discuss the situation. We may provide you with additional resources to help with the repair or negotiate on your behalf for an increase of hours required for the repair.
  5. Once the repair is completed, you will be required to submit a repair order with an explanation of the repair and parts used. We may ask for the old part to be returned using the call tag. Note: You must retain all defective parts until we inform you they do not need to be returned to an OEM or vendor for warranty credit. If this process is not followed, you may be charged for the parts. Shipping labels, instructions, and RMA information will be provided should they be required.
  6. Once the repair is completed and all paperwork submitted, we will reimburse you for the agreed labor amount of the repair within 30 days.
  • How do I obtain warranty repair at an authorized repair center?

    In addition to our two locations, A-Z Bus has multiple authorized warranty repair centers located throughout California and Hawaii to serve your needs.

    To utilize one of our authorized warranty repair centers, please contact our Customer Support Representative at 951-781-1857. Once we determine the best option, we will direct you to take your vehicle to the closest repair center. We can work directly with the repair centers to have your bus repaired and back in operation.

  • Does warranty cover the cost of transporting the bus to and from authorized repair centers?

    You are responsible for the cost of transporting the bus to and from the authorized service centers. However, we can provide transportation service to our customers at a very reasonable cost. These rates are based upon factor such as distance, chase cars, number of buses, etc. If you need to use our drivers to help transport your vehicle, please contact one of our Service Department staff members who will work with you to coordinate all the details.
  • Is towing covered under the warranty?

    Towing is covered under certain conditions by the component manufacturer, i.e., engine or transmission. The component manufacturer’s owner’s manual will detail the circumstances. Bus manufacturers do not normally cover towing expenses. If you have questions about your specific situation, please call our service department before you authorize a bus to be towed anywhere for repairs.
  • What maintenance records are required to ensure that the cost of the repairs is covered under warranty?

    It is important to keep accurate records of all maintenance work performed on your vehicle, including any receipts for work performed by outside vendors (including us). In order to ensure that repair costs are covered under the warranty, you may have to show that you followed all the required maintenance procedures described in the maintenance and owner’s manuals. This may include but are not limited to 45-day inspection notices, coolant testing dates, and levels, etc.
  • What do I do when I have a problem with the bus that is still under warranty but I cannot get repairs made immediately?

    Contact our service department as soon as you encounter the problem. Be sure you have the body number, mileage and a brief description of the problems. Depending on the issue with the vehicle, we may be able to provide you with an authorization so when the bus is repaired, the warranty claim can be filed. If you don’t notify us of the issue within the warranty period, we cannot file a claim after the warranty has expired.
  • How long will it take my bus to get repaired?

    The length of time needed to repair your bus will depend upon the severity of the problem and additional factors such as complexity of the repair and parts availability.

    It is our goal to have your vehicle repair as soon as possible. In the event that the parts required for the repair are not immediately available, we may recommend that you wait to bring the bus to us until after the parts arrive.

Important Contact Info

Southern California & Hawaii

Southern California Location:
1900 Riverside Ave
Colton, CA 92324

Main Line
Toll-Free: 800-437-5522

Colton Service Department

Colton Parts Department

Warranty Customer Support Representative


Northern California

Northern California Location
3418 52nd Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95823

Main Line
Toll-Free 800-458-6363

Sacramento Service Department

Sacramento Parts Department

Customer Support Representative

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