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A-Z Bus Sales has a long-standing relationship with the hospitality industry, selling reliable transportation to hotels, casinos, and recreational businesses in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona. In fact, for over 40-years, A-Z Bus Sales has been providing transportation solutions to thousands of customers across different industries and markets. We are a transportation solutions provider driven by Core Values and the passion and dedication of our employee-owners.

We offer a variety of bus brands suitable for hotel, motel, casino, and resort passenger transportation. From hotel vans to high-end, executive luxury shuttle buses A-Z Bus Sales can help you find the right solution for your needs and budget. What’s more, we do not just end our relationship after the sale with you, like other dealers. We provide a thorough and positive customer experience from pre-sale to post sale service and maintenance. We are your transportation partner.

If you’re looking for either a new or used hotel or casino shuttle bus, start your journey with A-Z Bus Sales for that piece of mind you and your custoemrs deserve. Call us today or complete the information request form on this page. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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Common Hotel, Casino, and Resort Shuttle Buses & Vans:

Low Floor Shuttle Buses

assisted living low floor ramp shuttle bus

Wheelchair Lift Shuttle Buses

Wheelchair Lift Shuttle Bus

Low Floor Ramp Vans

Low Floor Ramp Vans

Wheelchair Lift Vans

Wheelchair Lift Vans

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