A-Z Bus Sales Announces Sales of A2Z Emissions to Diesel Emissions Service

COLTON, CA. (February 16, 2016)A-Z Bus Sales, Inc.a leading provider of transportation and fire apparatus solutions, announced today it has signed a definitive agreement to sell its A2Z Emissions Solutions business to Diesel Emissions Service, Redding, California (DES). Like A2Z Emissions, DES offers complete diesel emissions solutions that help fleets stay CARB compliant.

A-Z Bus Sales first formed the A2Z Emissions Solutions Division in 2007 to provide service for school and commercial bus customers that CARB mandates required their older diesel engines to be retrofitted with Diesel Particulate Filters. With the market shifting away from bus customers to the on-road and off-road diesel segment, it was time to partner with someone who has expertise in that market. Diesel Emissions Service is completely focused on the clean diesel technology market and offers emissions solutions to on-road and off-road diesel equipment, which has become the recent focus of CARB. This makes DES an ideal partner for A-Z Bus Sales.

“A-Z Bus is very proud to have served our customers with emissions compliance solutions for the past nine years,” said A-Z Bus CEO John Landherr. “We are excited to partner with DES on all our emissions solutions needs going forward. DES is much like A-Z Bus in that they are focused on providing value added solutions with a clear focus on quality. We are confident they are the right partner to service our existing customer base and look forward to working with them long into the future.”

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