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Low Floor Shuttle Buses Provide All Riders with Equal Access and Easy Boarding

Low floor shuttle buses, like Glaval Titan II, are ideal for retirement communities, assisted living, and hospitality facilities
Glaval Titan II Low Floor Shuttle Bus - Article Featured Image

Glaval Titan II Low Floor Shuttle Bus from A-Z Bus Sales Article ImageFor over 50-years, low floor buses served passengers of all abilities. First introduced in Russia as a transit bus by the Lviv Bus Plant, the low floor bus quickly spread into and throughout Europe, transporting loading and offloading of elderly and disabled passengers easily and quickly, helping them maintain their sense of independence.

Because of their popularity in Europe, the low floor bus idea spread to the United States. In the U.S., both large transit buses and low floor shuttle buses — such as Glaval and ARBOC — provide easy access for passengers in niche industries such as assisted living, retirement communities, parking facilities, medical, hospitality, and door-to-door paratransit services.

The advantages low floor shuttle buses have over traditional lift buses is their ability to load [...]

Blue Bird All American Electric School Bus Qualifies for California HVIP Funding

HVIP Funding Awards up to $95,000 Towards the Initial Cost of the Blue Bird All American Electric Bus

COLTON, Ca. (December 1, 2017) —The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently announced that the Blue Bird All American RE bus qualifies for their HVIP Incentive program. This program is intended to encourage and accelerate the deployment of Zero-Emission trucks and buses.

Blue Bird Electric School Bus

Built by Blue Bird, Powered by Adomani, Drive Train by EDI
Blue Bird - Adomani - Electric School Bus - All AmericanThe Blue Bird All American RE Electric School Bus is here! School Districts, local communities, and California Families benefit from the all-new electric school bus with zero emissions. With Zero Emissions, our air quality is cleaner and lives healthier. Blue Bird is an innovator in the alternative fuel school bus market and they continue to lead the way with the introduction of the All American RE Electric School Bus – built by Blue Bird, and powered by Adomani. If clean air is not a big enough benefit, School Districts get an additional beneficial boost from the California Air Resource’s Board (CARB). CARB recently announced that Blue Birds RE bus qualifies for the HVIP Incentive program. HVIP is designed to help offset the initial cost of alternatively fueled [...]

COLTON, Ca. (October 11, 2017) —A-Z Bus Sales, Inc., a leading provider of transportation solutions, was awarded the Silver Award for Sales Excellence by Glaval Bus. The award, presented at the Glaval Dealer Meeting at BusCon in Indianapolis, was for bus sales over the past 12 months.

COLTON, Ca. (September 5, 2017) — A-Z Bus Sales, Inc., a leading provider of transportation solutions, announces the appointment of Joseph Pashman as Director of Commercial and Transit Bus Sales. Joseph’s role includes the full responsibility for the department’s strategic planning and sales execution.

Prevent Heat Stress This Summer for Bus Drivers and Mechanics

Tips on preventing heat related injuries for bus drivers and bus mechanics.
A-Z-Bus-Sales-Parts-Department-Heat Stress Kits

With record-breaking heat, scorching California this summer, A-Z Bus Sales is concerned about the safety and health of school bus and commercial bus drivers. Heat related illness contributes to loss of work, costing employers millions of dollars in lost wages. Additionally, if untreated, heat stress can lead to more serious heat related injuries and even death, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Employees working outdoors, such as bus drivers, bus mechanics, and all other professions requiring outdoor activities are candidates for potential heat related illness. The good news is that heat related illness is 100% survivable, if treated early and quick.

The Low Floor Versus High Floor Lift Bus

Selecting the right shuttle bus for your transportation needs and budget.
low floor bus ramp versus lift header image

When it comes to transporting passengers that require assistance or whom require wheelchair access, there are two types of shuttle buses available from A-Z Bus Sales; The low floor shuttle bus, or high floor, lift shuttle bus. Both types of shuttle buses are suitable for transporting passengers with disabilities, however, depending your transportation needs and budget, one type of bus may be more attractive over the other one.

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