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All they wanted for Christmas was an #electric Blue Bird T3RE and WE DELIVERED! So fun to wrap #2020 by delivering Salinas City Elementary School District and Arcata School Districts their first electric school #buses. Congratulations and thank you! Thank you California Energy Commission and North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District for making funding possible.

Congratulations to Mary/Matt/Errol at Fontana USD on their purchase of (8) Blue Bird All American Transit EV Buses and (2) Micro Bird Type A EV Buses! Well done! 🐦🚌🔌

Amazing!! Congratulations Chula Vista Elementary School District on your new #electric #bluebirdbus fleet. We’re happy to help you go green. 🚌🔌⚡️ A-Z Bus Sales delivered 10 Type C Blue Bird Vision Electric Buses!

MUSD is the first district to have electric-powered school buses en route in the bay area to have #electric school buses!

Thank you Milpitas Unified School District for trusting us to deliver the best of the best from Blue Bird Corporation and Micro Bird inc. in order to help you create a cleaner, safer, more advanced #schoolbus fleet for your schools and community. Watch the video below to learn more.

Video Provided By MUSD A-Z Bus Sales CEO John Landherr

March 11, 2020 — Congratulations to Mt. Diablo USD! ???? They received 4 Micro Bird Electric Type A school buses delivered by A-Z Bus Sales. The new buses not only support cleaner technology for children and the community but reduce overall maintenance and fuel costs for the school district. #microbird #zeroemissions

News Coverage:

October 15, 2019, Pittsburg, CA — Congratulations Pittsburg Unified School District for leading the way for school districts in energy-efficient transportation solutions in California! Thank you for choosing A-Z Bus Sales and Blue Bird Corporation to partner with to improve air quality for your students and the community. #zeroemission#ZeroEmission Read the full article:

Prevent Heat Stress This Summer for Bus Drivers and Mechanics

Tips on preventing heat related injuries for bus drivers and bus mechanics.
A-Z-Bus-Sales-Parts-Department-Heat Stress Kits

With record-breaking heat, scorching California this summer, A-Z Bus Sales is concerned about the safety and health of school bus and commercial bus drivers. Heat related illness contributes to loss of work, costing employers millions of dollars in lost wages. Additionally, if untreated, heat stress can lead to more serious heat related injuries and even death, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Employees working outdoors, such as bus drivers, bus mechanics, and all other professions requiring outdoor activities are candidates for potential heat related illness. The good news is that heat related illness is 100% survivable, if treated early and quick.

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