Low Floor Shuttle Buses Provide All Riders with Equal Access and Easy Boarding

Low floor shuttle buses, like Glaval Titan II, are ideal for retirement communities, assisted living, and hospitality facilities

Glaval Titan II Low Floor Shuttle Bus from A-Z Bus Sales Article ImageFor over 50-years, low floor buses served passengers of all abilities. First introduced in Russia as a transit bus by the Lviv Bus Plant, the low floor bus quickly spread into and throughout Europe, transporting loading and offloading of elderly and disabled passengers easily and quickly, helping them maintain their sense of independence.

Because of their popularity in Europe, the low floor bus idea spread to the United States. In the U.S., both large transit buses and low floor shuttle buses — such as Glaval and ARBOC — provide easy access for passengers in niche industries such as assisted living, retirement communities, parking facilities, medical, hospitality, and door-to-door paratransit services.

The advantages low floor shuttle buses have over traditional lift buses is their ability to load passengers, especially elderly and handicapped riders, quickly. As seen in this ARBOC comparison video, passengers requiring assistance board fast — several in just a few minutes — as compared to only one in several minutes using a traditional lift. Additionally, low floor buses with ramps — such as the one shown in the video or those found on Glaval low floor buses — allows for disabled or elderly passengers to virtually board on their own, with dignity. Self-boarding maintains their quality of life according to Trisha Denso, transportation director for a large San Diego based assisted living facility. “Our residents prefer the low floor shuttle buses because it allows them the autonomy they once enjoyed in their youth.” Mrs. Denso commented.

While loading speed is a benefit of the low floor bus, it is also a safer alternative to traditional lift buses. The low floor bus eliminates steps; moving parts associated with lift buses, and heights. Moreover, it is a dignified way of allowing passengers requiring assistance to board since all passengers enter from the same entrance and not two separate entries; one for ambulatory and the other from a rear lift.

A-Z Bus Sales offers a few low floor shuttle bus options, the Glaval Titan II and ARBOC low floor buses. To learn more about these shuttle buses and to see if they are the right transportation solution for your transportation needs, please contact a commercial and transit sales representative.

View Features of a Glaval Titan II Low Floor Shuttle Bus – Video


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