A Major California School Bus Transportation Contractor Turns to A-Z Bus Sales to Help Secure a School District Contract in Record Time


Image of Blue Bird - Micro Bird - Type A School Bus from A-Z Bus Sales parked in front of a Southern California SchoolA major California Transportation Contractor specializing in student transportation services found itself with the opportunity for a last-minute transportation contract from a California School District. However, the pending request from the school district proved to be a challenge requiring an innovative and professional solution.


The California School District was experiencing trouble with their current transportation contractor. They needed to solve a problem and solve it fast. The school district turned to the California transportation contractor for their help. They needed to leave their current contractor as a result of poor service. They chose the California Transportation Contractor for their excellent history of delivering quality service to its customers.

“A-Z Bus was able to deliver 30 new school buses in less than 60 days.”

Because board approval took longer than expected and with the start of school approaching, the school district had only 30-days to secure a transportation contractor. The California Transportation Contractor was facing the challenge of purchasing 30-new Type A school buses and finding the drivers to operate those buses all in 60-days or less. If they could not do so, the contractor risked losing the transportation contract and tarnishing their reputation. That’s when they turned to an industry leader in school bus transportation solutions, A-Z Bus Sales.



The California Transportation Contractor turned to A-Z Bus Sales with a history of providing transportation solutions to school districts and transportation contractors for over 40-years. Having already built a relationship, the Transportation Contractor knew they could rely on A-Z Bus Sales to deliver a quality product in such a short amount of time; 60-days or less. Other California school bus dealers could not work with the time constraints and offered a bus product that did not meet the quality standards school districts and school bus drivers trusted.

A-Z Bus was able to deliver 30 new school buses in less than 60 days. The delivery of the Type A Collins and Micro Bird school buses, in such a short time, was made possible because of A-Z Bus Sales’ relationship with other school districts and commercial bus customers. They were fortunate in reprioritizing other bus deliveries to meet the demand of the California Transportation Contractor. What also helped was that A-Z Bus Sales had all 30 Type A school buses in-stock between their Northern and Southern California locations.

The California Transportation Contractor was not yet free from the challenge. They still needed to secure drivers to operate the school buses. A-Z Bus Sales advantage was that they sold school buses that drivers preferred driving because of the quality and ease of operation. The Collins and Micro Bird buses are leaders in the Type A school bus market. Providing the right kind of school bus paved the way for the California Transportation Contractor to hire school bus drivers that wanted to drive on such short notice.



The solution required a team effort. It took the reputation of both a leading transportation contractor in California with an impeccable reputation for transportation service and a school bus dealer with a history of providing quality bus brands, service, and solution-minded experts to help secure this contract for the California Transportation Contractor.

All parties came out winners. The school district met their student transportation needs in a timeframe other dealers and contractors may have missed. Parents of students who ride the buses received the peace of mind knowing the district came through on such short notice and with quality, reliable, and safe buses for their children to ride.

The California Transportation Contractor kept their promise and saved their reputation while A-Z Bus Sales built a stronger relationship with all parties doing what they do best, providing safe and reliable transportation solutions that exceed customer expectations.


A-Z Bus Sales Advantage

Timing is everything when it comes to transporting students. A-Z Bus Sales is a leader in the transportation industry with over 40-years of expert service. School Buses may appear simple, however, when it comes to student safety, school districts who care turn to A-Z Bus Sales with the top of the line bus brands, including Blue Bird, Micro Bird, and Collins school bus.

A-Z Bus Sales is committed to providing quality products and service that exceed customer expectations. With a 97% customer satisfaction rating from an independent customer service index report, top school districts and transportation contractors rely upon and trust the A-Z Bus Sales brand.

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