A-Z Bus Sales Holds Q&A Tour for New Child Safety Alert System (Child Check) for Southern California School Districts

A-Z Bus Sales Leads California in Child Safety Alert System Expertise.
Child Safety Alert System Demonstration at A-Z Bus Sales with Blue Bird School Buses in foreground

School District members get questions answered at A-Z Bus Sales on the Child Safety Alert System installed on school buses.

If you are like most school districts in California, you are probably trying to make sense of the new Child Safety Alert System (CSAS) laws as a result of the Senate Bill 1072 (link). You are not alone. A-Z Bus Sales is leading California in their effort to reduce anxiety and answer questions about the new Child Safety Alert System laws that require all California school buses to be equipped with the latest system by the start of the 2018/2019 school year.

A-Z Bus sales is doing their part to help educate school districts about the regulations, how it affects their school bus fleets, and installation procedures. Hosting a Q & A session for local California School Districts, the A-Z Bus Sales service and parts team were on hand on Tuesday, February 7th at the A-Z Bus Sales Colton, California service center location to demonstrate the installed Child Check-Mate system on an All American Blue Bird Type D Transit School Bus. School district transportation directors and lead bus mechanics asked questions about the Child Check System as A-Z Bus Sales parts, and service staff offered answers and additional insights into the new Child Safety Alert Systems regulations.


Image of parts and service employees at A-Z Bus Sales discussing Child Safety Alert System on a school bus

A-Z Bus Sales parts, service and new school bus members discuss installation and use of the Child Check, Child Safety Alert System on a Blue Bird All American School Bus in Colton, California

A-Z Bus Sales currently has installed compliant Child Check Systems on stock school bus units that are ready for immediate delivery. The CSAS systems are compliant with the California Highway Patrols (CHPs) enforced Title 13, Section 1294 Child Safety Alert Systems regulations.

A-Z Bus Sales offers several options for school districts that require the Child Safety Alert Systems. Districts can purchase the individual units from A-Z Bus Sales, request that A-Z Bus service department install the Child Safety Alert Systems, or purchase the units with installation support services and have the school district mechanics install the systems. We offer several compliant Child Safety Alert System brands. For more information on installation and purchasing Child Safety Alert System service and products, contact A-Z Bus Sales parts department or complete the form online. For information about buying a stock unit school bus with a California CHP compliant child safety alert system already installed, contact A-Z Bus Sales New School Bus department.


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